Skritter Walk-through, Review and Discount Coupon

Watch the video above for a quick chat about different methods for learning and some useful apps to help you learn Chinese.

(If you would like to skip to the section about Skritter, view 8:39 on the timeline)

This pictorial walk-through shall introduce you to the Skritter iOS app and web client (affiliate link*) and give some hints and tips in the comments below each picture so I recommend viewing the galley if you intend trying Skritter.


This is primarily a walkthrough of the iOS app. (UPDATE: They now have an awesome new website and Google Play app, so I’ve been meaning to update this page. Go check it out in the meantime, and use the code below for a discount).

In case you don’t know, Skritter is a multi-platform app for learning Chinese and Japanese.  It focuses on how to write these languages, but at the same time teaches the meaning, tone, and reading for each character/word using a spaced repetition algorithm (SRS) to ensure that you remember around 90% of what you learn providing you use it regularly.

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This graph shows that when you first learn something, the chance of remembering something quickly decays, and if you don’t encounter it again, within a few days it will be as though you never saw it. However, each time you review it, the rate of decay slows, and eventually, the new input (eg: vocabulary) will be remembered for a long time. Because the rate of decay is slower each time, you only have to review it every now and then at increasingly longer and longer intervals.
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You can sign up for a FREE one week trial here, and after that you will have to pay a subscription to continue adding words (see below for special discount).


It is a lot cheaper than a Chinese course, and will teach you a lot more.  (Pro tip-Sign up for a few months, learn a few thousand characters, then after your subscription expires, you can continue reviewing them for free!)

If you’re new to Chinese then I recommend studying the Skritter 101 course from the list menu. This will guide you through some basic words/phrases and introduce you to some common radicals to encourage you to think about how Chinese is put together.  The order in which you learn new characters in well thought out and builds complexity gradually.

Once you’re done with that list, you can then choose a new list to study.  The text-book list is extensive, and contains most popular textbooks.

If you’re currently studying a textbook, it’s likely they already have the word list input already.  You can also selectively study chapters (for example, you can begin learning from chapter 4 rather than 1).

Try it out for free.  If you like it, pay for a month as a trial.  If you don’t use it, don’t renew it.  However if you’re using it regularly each day, you will learn 1000+ characters with relative ease.  It’s worth the price of 4 large Caffé Latte’s (which will only make you fat 😉

(Pro tip 2: Warning: if you stop reviewing your words for a few months, you will go back to square one (see forgetting curve).  Practice even just for 2 minutes- a-day to maintain what you’ve learnt).


Click into the  gallery for in-depth notes on how to use Skritter. 



I have managed to get a special discount coupon for MandarinMadeEZ followers, so If you would like to try out Skritter on the web,  iOS or Android for a free 8 day trial and then $9.99/m for the first 6 months (Regular price is $14.99)  then click any of the links above for the sign up page.

If you decide you like it, you can pay for a subscription.

Enter the below code upon sign up, or if you already have an account, under your subscription part of your account

signup_-_skritterEnter Coupon Code



*The links are affiliate links which means that after the free trial period, if you have signed up using my links then I will receive a small commission. The majority of the resources I promote are completely un-affiliated, but because I believe that Skritter is actually a pretty cool app, it’s worth promoting them.  There are so many students who don’t have a clue how to write Chinese effectively, and this app offers that. It also beats playing Candy Crush on the subway, and will give you instant respect from your fellow Chinese passengers.


8 thoughts on “Skritter Walk-through, Review and Discount Coupon

  1. Stefan says:

    Hey Fi,
    Thanks a lot for the skritter discount, the app really helps a lot!
    Keep up the good work! You’re awesome! 🙂
    All the best,

  2. Jan says:

    Hi Fiona,
    this app sounds really great. Exactly what I was looking for. Is there any chance to have a similar coupon for 2015? That would be awesome.

  3. monica says:

    Thankyou Fions for great help in our struggel to learn chineese. Have you heard about anything similar to skritter for Androids
    Best wishes monica in sweden

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